Canada’s economic future is dependent on our entrepreneurs from coast to coast. As our worlds have become significantly more digital, virtually over night, Canadian tech entrepreneurs are in the spotlight. In this time of crisis, showcasing and supporting our Canadian startups is needed now more than ever before.

COVID-19: The 2020 CIX Selection Committee will need to know how this year’s global pandemic has affected your business. In this application you will have the opportunity to describe your pre-covid-19 business model and outlook and current situation and how you anticipate your business will be after the crisis.

We encourage ALL early and scaling startups to apply. CIX has two awards categories:

CIX TOP 20 Early program for companies with net revenue less than CA $5 million or who have raised less than $10 million and the CIX TOP 10 Growth program for later stage companies.

CIX TOP programs are Canada’s largest national showcase of the hottest and most innovative tech companies. Hundreds of applications are submitted each year from across Canada and the CIX Selection Committee evaluates and selects the final companies based on 5 criteria: Business Model, Quality of Product and Service Offering, Innovation, Market Opportunity and Depth of Management.

Every year hundreds of investors and corporates globally eagerly await the announcement of the CIX TOP companies!

Submissions are now closed for this year's CIX Top 20 Early and CIX Top 10 Growth 2020